A proven leader in business and in his community, Dan Hughes is a conservative, dedicated to restoring America's founding principles.

Creating jobs and rebuilding our economy are the cornerstones of Dan's campaign for the senate.

Dan, his wife Amy and their four children live in Oceanside, CA.

California's Conservative Leader 

Dear Friend,

We're living in a time of economic and moral crisis in America. It's time for leaders with Bold Solutionsto the problems we face.

Instead of pursuing the same failed policies, I'm offering Bold Solutions to put America back to work.  Specifically:

  • Tax Reform. More than 100,000 pages of tax breaks, loopholes, penalties and dizzying instructions cause an estimated 6 billion hours and 250 billion dollars spent preparing taxes each year.  California needs a fighter for tax reform, not a career politician who's spent 22 years protecting a broken system. 
    • I offer a Bold Solution to replace our tax system, lower tax rates, increase tax revenue and dramatically simplify tax preparation. Read more…
  • Regulatory reform.  Businesses are spending enormous sums of time and money complying with often unnecessary, burdensome regulation – many are leaving America as a result.  The government creates 70,000 new pages of regulations each year.  We cannot continue to compete in the world economy, recover from recession and create jobs without tackling our bloated regulatory system.
    • I offer a Bold Solution to completely overhaul our regulatory law system.  Congress will be forced to examine new and existing regulations, including an analysis of the financial burden and employment impact of every new regulation.  Read more…
  • Real Healthcare reform. We must repeal and replace Obamacare. This one single piece of legislation has done more to harm our economy than any other- and rather than reduce healthcare costs, it's already done just the opposite.
    • I offer a Bold Solution to repeal Obamacare and replace it with serious solutions to improve affordability and access to healthcare in America. Read more…

Today I'm a successful business owner, but I haven't always been. In 2004, I found myself out of work, but I didn't ask for a government bailout. I looked in the mirror and took responsibility. I took advantage of opportunities available to me, and grew a business which now employs almost 100 Californians. I'm deeply concerned that today however, the same opportunities that changed my life are disappearing.

It's unacceptable to think my children won't have the same opportunities to succeed. That's why I'm putting my life and business on hold to fight to protect those opportunities, for my children and yours. 

I can't win this fight alone however, I need your help. I'm asking you to do one simple thing: Join the conversation about our children's future by joining my email list.  You can unsubscribe anytime.

I'd also appreciate hearing from you through the contact page on my website; I want you to share your ideas for America's future with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you sincerely,

Dan Hughes,
Candidate for U.S. Senate

PS. I can't win this fight alone. I need your help. I'm asking you to do one simple thing: Join the conversation about our children's future by joining my email list.  

Dan's Endorsements:
  • Christian Coalition of California
  • Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries
  • Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone
  • Fallbrook TEA Party
  • Eric Eisenhammer
  • Huntington Beach, Surf City TEA Party
  • Redlands TEA Party
  • Oceanside TEA Party
  • Lancaster Littlerock TEA Party
  • Southern California Patriots
  • Lake County Republican Party
  • The San Diego TEA Party



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